Whisky from New Zealand

The Oamaruvian Single Malt  16 Years old  – Single Barrel – Cask Strength 58,3 %. vol. – Double Wood – American Oak – finished in French Oak Ex New Zealand Red Wine Barrels

Whisky distilling in New Zealand was born with the arrival of Scots settlers in the 1830s.

Specially selected casks chosen for their rich toffee, floral nose and creaming Soda mouth- feel with a hint of Oamaru sea spray to finish. Bottle with 500 ml .

Diggers & Ditch – Double Malt -45 % vol . 500ml Bottle

It is a blend from New Zaland and Australia.

To honour and celebrate the Courage and sacrifice of the many thousands of men and women who served their country. As the brightest and best from the flegling Australian and New Zealand nations came together in far flung lands, we have combined the finest aged Whisky from the Dunedin Distillery and married it with one of Tasmania`s best known Single Malts. A full flavoured Whisky, try ist with the staple biscuit that substained the men & woman of New Zealand & Australia as they endured the horrors and camaraderie of war.

Double Wood – Dunedin Master Blended Whisky 15 Years old – 40% vol. – 700 ml Bottle

The Whisky was crafted in the world`s most southern Distillery in Dunedin. Initially aged in American oak ex-Bourbon Barrels and finished for over 10 years in French oak ex- New Zealand red wine Barrels.