Whiskyneuheiten April 2015

Glen Scotia 12 Jahre Campbeltown  0,7 l – 46% vol.

Ein leicht rauchiger und salziger Malt, der durch blumige Honigaromen besticht. Im Nachklang Frucht- und Torfanklänge.

Ben Riach 15 Jahre Dark Rum Finished – Speyside- 0,7 l – 46 % vol.

Die limitierte Edition reifte in Jamaica Rum Fässern nach. Dadurch kommt der Whisky schwer und süß daher.

Old Pulteney Stroma – Whiskylikör – 0,5 l – 35 % vol.

Ein schöner süßer Likör aber doch ganz deutlich spürbaren Whiskynoten.

THE CORRIEMHOR  – 0,7 l – 46 % vol. Single Malt – Schottland

The Corriemhor was Richard Patersons first Cigar Malt created specifically to complement the finest Cuban Cigars. Matured in a combination of American Oak and Sherry Casky it has a rich fruity sweetness which contrasts perfectly with the dry deep fragrant smoke of the best Cigar.

Craigellachie Schottland Single Malt 0,7 l – 46 % vol.- Speyside

In 1891 a Whisky Expert noted that Craigellachie represented a style of Whisky “ seldom met with now „, which we took as a compliment. Today we still use old fashioned Worm Tubs to cool our Spirit an bestow it with extra flavour, creating a dram to rival whiskies twice it`s  Age.

English Peated Single Malt Whisky 0,7 l – 43 % vol.

Traditionally handcrafted in small Batches at ST. George`s Destillery

Creamy an clean barley at firs, then the peat and pepper slowly build  an fill every Corner of the mouth without overpowering. Ginger Biscuits, Lemon and lime followed by savoury dry peat an then more Tropical Fruits (pineapple, mango).