Highland Park ICE Edition

Highland Park ICE Editon Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 17 Years – 53,9 % vol. – 0,7 l Bottle

Highland Park is proud to relase ICE Editon, a Special bottling which delves into the world of classic Norse mythology. This stunning expression celebrates the Viking roots of our Orkney Islands home, where their influence and culture were woven for hundreds of years before our Single Malt Scotch Whisky was created.

Colour: Naturally radiant and vivid in colour, glacial, mirror- like brightness.

Nose: Intense Aromas of cool, fresh pineapple and ripe mango sorbet come to life – in this celebration of glacial character. Silvery shards of smoke give way to the frosty kick of root ginger.

Palate: Like the Ice Giants themselves, the palate is powerful yet mellifluous. In true Higland Park style, the combination of a silvery, misty peat smoke is interwined with pearlscent vanilla seeds and overtones of molten orris root.

Finish: Beautifully balanced, the creamy, rich, oily finish snowballs into long lingering woodiness and dry,feverish spices, providing a scintillating and harmonious Whisky to savour.